With a little help from antidepressants

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This month, The American Recall Center is encouraging conversations online and offline about medication safety. Judy, their awesome Outreach Coordinator, got in touch recently asking if I’d be willing to write about my own experience with medication. I realized I’ve hardly (publicly) talked about the role of antidepressants in my road to recovery, and so I thought this would be a great place to start.

I’m currently taking Lexapro (or escitalopramdaily, and there are a couple of things I wish I’d known earlier. Owing to my own stubbornness, compounded by my ignorance about the nature and effects of antidepressants, I waited till I was almost 6 months into this current cycle of depression before obtaining a prescription. These are some valuable things I’ve learned over the last 3 months:

Antidepressants are not magic pills that will “make us forget all our pains”a la Helen’s drug in The Odyssey. Many…

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